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Basis of Charging

We are passionate about giving great service to our clients. We make every effort to ensure that fees are agreed in advance so that we don’t spend our time or our client’s time in fee disputes.

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­Fixed fees

A lot of people are reluctant to contact their professional advisors because of the fear of receiving a charge for the call.

We work with many of our clients on a fixed-fee basis. This means that our fees are agreed at the beginning of the relationship. The benefits of a fixed fee approach for you include:-

Alternative pricing methods

There may be instances when a fixed fee is not appropriate. Under these circumstances we will agree one of the following charging methods with you:-

Time based fees: This is based on the charge-out rate of the person allocated to the work. If the work required is complex, then a more senior person will be assigned to the task. In this case we will give an indication of the fees and agree it with you prior to the invoice being raised.

Result or Contingency based fees: This is normally a mixture of fixed and variable fees. The variable element is dependent upon the successful outcome of a particular assignment). Contingency based is usually transaction based, for example raising finance, claiming tax or the sale of a business.


David Stonefield & Co. Chartered Accountants recommend Fixed Fees as the best way for you to do business. It will give you the comfort and security of knowing what your investment in our services will be. There are other alternatives as mentioned above. We will always agree the best pricing method with you, in writing, so we all understand the basis on which we are going to work together.

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